Balwadi Nutrition Programme (BNP)

The Balwadi Nutrition Programme (BNP) was started in 1970-71. It is operated through Balwadis and day-care centres which are being run by the five national voluntary organisations. There are about five thousand Balwadis implementing the programme. It is a non-expanding and non-plan activity of the government of India. At present about 2.29 lakh beneficiaries are being covered under the scheme. 
(Source : Indian Paediatrics 1992, 29: 1601-1613) 

Objectives : The programme aims to supply about one-third of'the calorie and half of the protein requirements of the pre-school child as measure to improve nutritional and health status. 

Beneficiaries : Beneficiaries are pre-school children between the age of 3 to 5 years. Priority is given to children belonging to low income group. 

Activities : The supplementary nutrition consisting 300 calories and 10 g of protein per child per day is given for 770 days a year. Apart from nutritional supplementation, the activities for social and emotional development are undertaken at balwadis. 

Organisation : The Balwadi worker is the most peripheral worker implementing the programme at the village/community level. 


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